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HB4124: Allows eligible employees to take family leave to deal with death of family member.


HB2611 Enrolled: Provides that certain boards may adopt rules under which board may require person authorized to practice profession regulated by board to receive cultural competency continuing education.

HB2729 Enrolled: Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Department of Education for purpose of United States Department of Agriculture's Afterschool Meal and Snack Program.

HB2730 Enrolled: Directs Department of Education to reimburse school district, government agency or community group for every breakfast served during summer as part of summer meal program.

HB2950 Enrolled: Allows eligible employees to take family leave to deal with death of family member.

HB3390: Requires covered employer to implement paid sick leave for eligible employees.

HB3407 Enrolled: Establishes Traditional Health Workers Commission within Oregon Health Authority to advise authority on adoption of criteria and descriptions for coordinated care organizations to use with respect to certain health workers who are not licensed by this state and training and education requirements for those workers.

HB3409 Enrolled: Defines "natural hair care." Specifies that person who is certified to practice hair design or barbering is authorized to practice natural hair care.

HB3449: Requires Department of Human Services to convene planning committee composed of stakeholders and advocates to plan future of Oregon's long term care system for seniors and persons with disabilities.


HB4090 Enrolled: Allows Department of Education to award grants to encourage participation in summer meals programs.


HB3541: Directs Department of Revenue, in collaboration with Department of Human Services, to establish pilot program for disbursement of installment payments to personal income taxpayers of amounts equal to personal income tax dependent care credits.


HB4071 Enrolled: Establishes COFA Premium Assistance Program administered by Department of Consumer and Business Services to provide financial assistance with health care premiums and out-of-pocket costs for Pacific Islanders legally residing in Oregon under Compact of Free Association.


HB2014: Requires Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee to develop quality measures to gauge coordinated care organization's compliance with requirement to provide members with access to traditional health workers.

HB2594 Enrolled: Allows nonimmigrant authorized to enter United States under Compact of Free Association to be law enforcement officer.

HB2724 Enrolled: Directs Housing and Community Services Department to develop and implement Rent Guarantee Program to provide incentives and financial assistance to landlords that rent or lease to low income households by guaranteeing payments to landlords for unpaid rent and for eviction and property damage costs within certain limits.

HB2912: Establishes Affordable Housing Land Acquisition Revolving Loan Program within Housing and Community Services Department to make loans to eligible organizations to purchase land for affordable housing development and to provide supportive services to residents and low income households.

HB2957 A: Establishes grant program for purpose of improving kindergarten student-to-teacher ratios in schools that are considered high poverty.

HB3095: Reduces maximum term of imprisonment for Class A misdemeanor crime from one year to 364 days.

HB3097: Requires Oregon Health Authority to study barriers to residents applying for medical assistance.

HB3268 Enrolled: Extends sunset on provisions directing Public Utility Commission to administer programs related to residential telecommunication services, including Oregon Lifeline program.

SB0828 Enrolled: Requires large employers in specified industries to provide new employee with estimated work schedule and to provide current employee with seven days' notice of employee work schedule.

SB1046: Establishes Health Care for All Oregon Board to develop, implement and oversee Health Care for All Oregon Plan to be administered by Oregon Health Authority.


HB4076: Establishes Small Donor Elections program to enable candidates for office of state Representative and state Senator to receive 6-to-1 match on small dollar donations.


HB2011 Enrolled: Requires specified professional regulatory boards to require persons authorized to practice professions regulated by board to complete cultural competency continuing education.

HB4134 Enrolled: Provides specific procedure for petitioning for removal of personally discriminatory restrictions from title of real property.

HB2665: Establishes grant program for purpose of improving kindergarten student-to-teacher ratios in schools that are considered high poverty.

HB2666: Requires school districts to provide instruction in oral health.

HB2706 Enrolled: Appropriates moneys to Department of Consumer and Business Services to contract with vendor to conduct demographic study of dental needs and geographic distribution of COFA citizens in this state and to issue request for information to gauge interest and determine capacity of dental care organizations to provide oral health care to COFA citizens.

HB2768: Requires incarceration facilities to provide tampons, sanitary napkins and undergarments to female persons in custody at no charge.

HB2811: Exempts from taxation amounts received from sale of real property to housing authority or community development corporation.

HB2815: Directs Department of Corrections to enter into written agreement with nonprofit organization to jointly establish prison-based animal program to provide inmates with opportunity to develop pet care vocational skills.

HB2963: Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Department of Human Services for development of gatekeeper programs to serve seniors and people with disabilities in local communities statewide.

HB2983 Enrolled: Requires covered organizations that make political expenditures in excess of specified amount to file with Secretary of State donor identification list that identifies donors that made donations above $10,000 during election cycle to covered organization.

HB3004: Establishes Small Donor Elections Program to enable candidates for office of state Representative and state Senator to receive 6-to-1 match on small dollar donations.

HB3028: Increases percentage of federal earned income credit allowable as credit against Oregon personal income tax.

HB3029: Provides that municipal bank is not required to obtain deposit insurance from Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

HB3349 A: Disallows, for purposes of personal income taxation, mortgage interest deduction for residence other than taxpayer's principal residence, unless taxpayer sells residence or actively markets residence for sale.

HB3353: Allows nonprofit corporation that provides reduced-cost dental services to underserved populations, including individuals 55 years of age or older or individuals who require accessible facilities, to own, operate, conduct or maintain dental practice.

HB3356: Requires that lactation consultant complete continuing education related to cultural competency approved by Oregon Health Authority or International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

HJR0013: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to permit Legislative Assembly, governing body of city, county, municipality or district, or people through initiative process, to enact laws or regulations regulating use of moneys in political campaigns.

SB0263 A: Provides that student who legally entered United States under Compact of Free Association treaty between United States and Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands or Federated States of Micronesia and who has not previously established residence in any state or territory of United States other than Oregon qualifies for exemption from nonresident tuition and fees at public universities and is eligible to receive state and university scholarships or other financial aid.

SB0770 Enrolled: Establishes Task Force on Universal Health Care charged with recommending to Legislative Assembly design of Health Care for All Oregon Plan, administered by Health Care for All Oregon Board to provide publicly funded, equitable, affordable, comprehensive and high quality health care to all Oregon residents.


HB4003 B: Authorizes Housing and Community Services Department to provide grants, loans and technical assistance to organizations increasing homeownership program access to persons of color.

HB4141: Appropriates money to Oregon Department of Administrative Services for deposit in Court Appointed Special Advocate Fund and distribution to CASA Volunteer Programs.

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