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Bipartisan Bill Could Take Toxic Toys off the Market, The Lund Report, 3/13/2013

Green Living: Toxic Kids' Products, KATU, 3/17/2013

House Bill Requires Midwives to Be Licensed in Oregon, The Lund Report, 3/19/2013

House Committee Votes to Require Insurers to Pay for Court-Ordered Treatment, The Lund Report, 3/29/2013

Bill that Aims to Cut Pesticide use by Oregon State Agencies Gains Support, The Oregonian, 4/3/2013

Cultural Competency Training Compromise Likely to Become Law, The Lund Report, 4/5/2013

Cultural Competency Training Compromise Likely to Become Law, The Lund Report, 4/5/2013

Guns, PERS and Cracking Down on Vending Snacks in Public Buildings: Oregon Legislature Today, The Oregonian, 4/5/2013

Latino Health Coalition Wants Traditional Health Worker Commission, The Lund Report, 4/8/2013

Oregon Legislator Proposes Bill To Limit Vending Products, Vending Marketwatch, 4/8/2013

Bill Would Ban Pop and Junk Food in Public Vending Machines, The Lund Report, 4/9/2013

Midwife Bill Clears Health Committee, Requires License, The Lund Report, 4/15/2013

Legislation Calling for Healthier Snacks in Oregon Vending Machines Turns into Task Force Bill, The Oregonian, 4/17/2013

House Health Committee Approves CCO Daylight Bill on Narrow Vote, The Lund Report, 4/18/2013

Natural Hair-Care Bill Passes Oregon House with Unanimous Approval, The Oregonian, 4/23/2013

HB3409's Broad Support is not so Unlikely, Oregon Catalyst, 4/25/2013

House Passes State Agency IPM Bill, Capital Press, 4/26/2013

Bill Lets Women Take Placenta Home with Baby, The Lund Report, 5/1/2013

Foster Youth, Advocates Push for Foster Youth Bill of Rights, The Lund Report, 5/3/2013

Bill Giving Teens Unfettered Access to Therapists Arouses Debate Over Parental Rights, The Lund Report, 5/7/2013

Oregon Senate Passes Bill Allowing Moms to Keep Placentas, The Oregonian, 5/8/2013

Integrated Pest Management Committee Closer to Reality, Capital Press, 5/16/2013

Oregon Senate Approves Easing Regulations on Natural Hair Care, The Oregonian, 5/23/2013

Legislature Carves a Place for African-American Hair Care, The Lund Report, 5/24/2013

Why Healthful Vending Machines Might Hurt The Blind, National Public Radio, 5/28/2013

House Votes to Protect Kids, Environment From Toxic Chemicals, The Lund Report, 6/18/2013

Oregon House Votes to Phase out Potentially Toxic Chemicals in some Children's Products, The Oregonian, 6/18/2013

Baby's Death in Coos County Helps Lead to Review of Oregon Midwife Regulations, The Oregonian, 7/5/2013

Work Continues for Lawmakers with New Task Forces on State Budget, School Funding, The Oregonian, 7/17/2013

Bill Banning Toxic Chemicals in Toys Dies in Senate, The Lund Report, 7/30/2013

Toxic Toys Bill Likely to Make a Comeback, The Lund Report, 8/30/2013

Opinion: Together We are Abundant (page 7), El Hispanic News, 9/5/2013

Advocates Celebrate Prenatal Care Expansion, The Lund Report, 9/25/2013

Alissa Keny-Guyer Takes Toxics Fight to Washington, The Lund Report, 11/12/2013

Oregon earned sick leave bill not coming in 2014 as legislative agenda takes shape, The Oregonian, 11/26/2013

Oregon allows mothers to take placentas home from hospital, LA Times, 12/31/2013


Foster youth seek legislative support for extracurriculars, savings accounts, The Oregonian, 2/3/2015

Bill would regulate toxins in children's products, The Statesman Journal, 3/2/2015

Keny-Guyer Hoping Fourth Time a Charm for Toxic-Free Kids Act, The Lund Report, 3/3/2015

Nurse Midwives Want to Be Assured of Hospital Admitting Privileges, The Lund Report, 3/12/2015

Oregon House passes bill allowing sunscreen use in schools, Medford Mail Tribune, 3/18/2015

Oregon Lawmakers To Schools: Let Kids Use Sunscreen, NW News Network, 3/18/2015

House bills aim to improve communication, require discharge planning for hospitalized psychiatric patients, Mental Health Association of Portland, 3/18/2015

Oregon House Wants School Kids to Be Free to Lather on the Sunscreen, The Lund Report, 3/19/2015

Legislators debate studded tires, Ontario Argus Observer, 3/22/2015

Bipartisan House Votes to Mandate Nurses at Blood Drives, The Lund Report, 3/24/2015

Burn Notice: Backlash Against a Portland Crematory Could Spark Statewide Change, The Portland Mercury, 3/25/2015

New bill aimed at regulating crematoriums, KOIN 6, 3/29/2015

Passage Likely for Care Act for Elderly, People with Mental Illness, The Lund Report, 4/17/2015

Mental Health Laws Designed to Brace Patients Leaving the Hospital, The Lund Report, 5/17/2015

Throw Yourself into One or More Causes”: Alissa Keny-Guyer (page 5), PQ Monthly, 5/21/2015

Should Oregon Cities Be Allowed to Mandate Affordable Housing?, Portland Mercury, 5/28/2015

Islanders Get Promise of 2016 for Insurance Program While State Refines Details, The Lund Report, 6/25/2015

New law enables health workers to do more to prevent cavities and other oral disease, The Lund Report, 6/30/2015

Keny-Guyer Wins Resounding Approval for Radon Testing in Schools, The Lund Report, 7/2/2015

Governor Kate Brown signs bills to improve mental health, Hood River News, 7/2/2015

Oregon Passes Historic Toxics Protections, Oregon Environmental Council, 7/3/2015

Oregonian misses mark on Toxic Free Kids Act, The Oregonian, 7/3/2015

Toxic Free Kids Act heads to governor, The Statesman Journal, 7/3/2015

Coalition of legislators scores $17 million to rebuild 14 blocks of Outer Powell, Bike Portland, 7/7/2015

Toxic Free Kids Act a Starting Line for Public Health, The Lund Report, 8/4/2015

OHA announces 2015 Dr. Bruce Goldberg Health Equity Champions, The Lund Report, 10/27/2015

Lawmakers plan to respond to housing crisis, Portland Tribune, 11/17/2015

Housing crisis lands on Oregon lawmakers' growing 2016 agenda, The Oregonian, 11/17/2015

A New Hope for Affordable Housing, The Portland Mercury, 12/16/2015


Why Inclusionary Zoning Matters, Oregon Environmental Council, 1/11/2016

Oregon lawmakers scramble closer to deals on minimum wage, housing relief, The Oregonian, 1/13/2016

Big shift in Salem: Realtors and some builders are open to housing price controls, Bike Portland, 1/14/2016

Housing relief: Lawmaker seeks relocation money, ban on rent hikes in first year, The Oregonian, 1/14/2016

Portland must plan for healthy, diverse neighborhoods, Street Roots, 1/21/2016

Health Leaders Look Beyond 2016 Session to Fulfill Policy Goals, The Lund Report, 1/27/2016

Housing legislation has dismal prospects, Portland Tribune, 2/1/2016

Lawmakers Seek Children’s Taxing District, Willamette Week, 2/3/2016

Housing crisis: Renter protection bill drops relocation costs, retaliation change, Bloomberg, 2/5/2016

Keny-Guyer and Stark Renew Push for General Assistance for Homeless, The Lund Report, 2/5/2016

House Health Approves Further Study of Basic Health Plan on Partisan Vote, The Lund Report, 2/12/2016

House approves renter relief measures as clock ticks on wider housing deal, The Oregonian, 2/23/2016

Lawmakers progress on housing legislation, Wallowa County Chieftain, 2/23/2016

Housing Measures Move Forward In Oregon Legislature, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/23/2016

Oregon to become first state to impose rent control, The Register-Guard, 2/24/2016

Senate approves inclusionary zoning, Portland Tribune, 2/26/2016

Your Voice, Your Vote': Panel of experts discusses toxic air regulations, KATU, 2/28/2016

Landmark housing bill wins final approval from Oregon Legislature, The Oregonian, 3/3/2016

Lawmakers must protect kids from lead in schools, The Oregonian, 6/20/2016

After tales of neglect, advocates are giving standards a closer look, The Bend Bulletin, 8/8/2016

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer Pledges to Introduce Legislation to Reform the Electoral College, Willamette Week, 11/28/2016

Oregon Could See Higher Spending if Safety Net Program for Seniors Cut, The Lund Report, 12/21/2016


January 9: Police Find a Dead Infant With His Homeless Mother at a Portland Bus Stop, Willamette Week, 1/11/2017

Lawmakers and tenants grapple with the housing crisis at Sunday renters' forum, KGW, 2/5/2017

State may expand on Portland landlord policy, KOIN 6, 2/6/2017

Bill would help protect seniors seeking care referrals, Medford Mail Tribune, 2/12/2017

New Law Aims to Curb Police Profiling, The Skanner, 2/16/2017

Push to Cover Immigrant Children Alive Amid Health Budget Woes, The Lund Report, 2/21/2017

Majority Leader Wants to Streamline Process for Transgender Records Changes, The Lund Report, 2/21/2017

Sex trafficking, evictions, gun reform among top priorities for Oregon Women’s Health & Wellness Alliance, The Statesman Journal, 2/27/2017

XRAY radio interview about the Legislative Session with Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer and Pam Phan, XRAY FM, 3/1/2017

Transgender Rights and Nurse Vasectomy Bills Head to House Floor, The Lund Report, 3/8/2017

Trump used failed Portland car bomb plot as justification for new travel ban, The Oregonian, 3/8/2017

Oregon lawmakers look to rein in massive mortgage interest tax break, The Oregonian, 3/9/2017

Oregon lawmakers may raise cigarette taxes by $2 per pack, The Oregonian, 3/10/2017

Bill Insures Workers Can Take Time to Deal With New Baby, Injury or Illness,, 4/20/2017

Raising The Smoking Age, Think Out Loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 4/25/2017

Radio Interview, XRAY FM, 4/26/2017

Ombudsman praises report on state's elder care complaint database, The Oregonian, 4/26/2017

As Suicide Problem Grows in Oregon, Legislators Debate Solutions, The Lund Report, 4/28/2017

Oregon's mental healthcare crisis fails most in need, KOIN 6, 5/4/2017

Senate Approves Keny-Guyer’s Bills Closing Mental Health Gaps, The Lund Report, 5/25/2017

Bipartisan Bill Passes House To Revamp State’s Blind Vending Program, The Lund Report, 5/25/2017

Representative Earl Blumnenauer Town Hall Meeting, C-SPAN, 5/30/2017

New law calls for screening patients for suicide risk, Medford Mail Tribune, 6/27/2017

New Law Will Screen Patients For Suicide Risk Before Release, Spokesman-Review, 6/27/2017

Oregonians Need Reproductive Health Equity Now, The Statesman Journal, 6/27/2017

Oregon House OKs bill to boost protection for janitorial workers, KTVZ, 7/2/2017

Kruse Leads Senate to Expand Oregon Health Plan to Immigrant Kids, The Lund Report, 7/3/2017

Salem in bill-passing frenzy, The Bend Bulletin, 7/5/2017

Legislators Celebrate Achievements, Fret About Big Money’s Influence, The Lund Report, 7/12/2017

New Oregon law will screen patients for suicide risk before release, Spokesman-Review, 7/27/2017

Cover All Kids' worth praising, The Times, 8/10/2017

2017 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature, OLCV, 10/4/2017

COFA Islanders Rush to Enroll, but Face Obstacles in Special Insurance Program, The Lund Report, 11/8/2017

Citizens, industry at odds over new air toxic rules, Portland Tribune, 12/5/2017

Metro: amend Constitution as voters consider housing bond, Portland Tribune, 12/21/2017

Oregon lawmaker says housing is core state responsibility, Portland Tribune, 12/21/2017


Audacious bills. Short timeline. And a big ‘if.’, NW Labor Press, 1/16/2018

Portland adopts rules to contain lead and asbestos in home demolitions, The Oregonian, 2/2/2018

Oregon funds $8.9 mil. in affordable housing for veterans: 'We owe it to them', KATU, 2/9/2018

City of Portland Wants to Change the Oregon State Constitution to Build Housing, Willamette Week, 2/10/2018

Ore. lawmakers move to help scrub racist deed language, KTVZ, 2/15/2018

Rx drug price transparency bill passes first hurdle in the House, Portland Business Journal, 2/19/2018

Oregon House OKs 'tuition transparency' bill, KTVZ, 2/20/2018

Bill proposes more people can medically release athletes with concussions, Ontario Argus Observer, 2/25/2018

Oregon House OKs prescriptions price transparency bill, KTVZ, 2/28/2018

Lawmakers fund housing programs, emergency shelters, KTVZ, 3/3/2018

Concussion Release Law Passes Amid Heated Debate, The Lund Report, 3/6/2018

Oregon Tackles Rise in Maternal Deaths and Stark Racial Disparities, The Lund Report, 3/9/2018

A victory for those needing affordable housing, Oregon Food Bank, 3/21/2018

Here’s One Issue Blue and Red States Agree On: Preventing Deaths of Expectant and New Mothers, ProPublic, 3/26/2018

ODOT in hot seat as debate over 82nd Avenue safety upgrades continues, Bike Portland, 4/20/2018

Gratitude for three legislators: Letter to the editor, The Oregonian, 4/27/2018

Oregon Governor's Tax Proposal Faces Criticism From All Sides, KUOW, 5/6/2018

Gov. Kate Brown's Proposed Tax Break Causing Tension in Her Own Party, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/7/2018

Pols send letter to ODOT about 82nd Avenue jurisdiction change, Mid County Memo, 5/12/2018

Hearing exposes lawmakers' divergent goals for special session tax bill, The Statesman Journal, 5/16/2018

Oregon child protection officials work to bring back 'sense of hope', The Statesman Journal, 5/21/2018

Special session begins Monday, Oregon lawmakers unsure what will happen, The Statesman Journal, 5/29/2018

New Law Aims to Protect Those Seeking Long Term Care, KTVZ, 7/2/2018

Oregon Legislature to revisit mortgage subsidy reform, Street Roots, 8/17/2018

Oregon Legislators Detail Their Health Agenda for Upcoming Session, The Lund Report, 12/11/2018


Will New Legislation Solve 82nd Ave's Growing Pains?, Portland Mercury, 2/4/2019

Lawmakers Address Plan To Fight Rising Number of Suicides, The Lund Report, 2/7/2019

Do we need warnings on Wi-Fi?, Street Roots, 2/8/2019

Statewide Rent Control Headed for Final Vote, The Bend Bulletin, 2/20/2019

Foster youth lobby Oregon lawmakers to expand independent living program, The Oregonian, 2/21/2019

Oregon Passes 1st-in-Nation Statewide Rent Control, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/26/2019

Opinion: Honoring Oregon's values of work and fairness, The Oregonian, 3/1/2019

Proposed bill would stiffen firework penalties - and reward tipsters, The Bend Bulletin, 3/4/2019

Oregon House moves to extend 'revolving door' waiting period, KTVZ, 3/6/2019

Portland lawmaker discloses cancer diagnosis, The Oregonian, 3/7/2019

VIEWPOINTS: Oregon Environmental Council: It’s time to pass this - Household Hazardous Waste Stewardship, The Chronicle Online, 3/9/2019

Democratic Lawmakers Propose Ending the Deductability of Interest on Second Home Mortgages, Willamette Week, 3/13/2019

Legislators consider campaign finance reform, Blue Mountain Eagle, 3/18/2019

Oregon leaders want to remove college degree requirement for child welfare workers, The Oregonian, 4/9/2019

Restore My Neighborhood': One Canadian's Take On Re-Legalizing Housing, Sightline Institute, 4/9/2019

Think Out Loud: Mortgage Tax Deduction, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 4/17/2019

State lawmakers hash out housing legislation, The Daily Astorian, 4/22/2019

Lawmakers build political foundation for housing bills, Portland Tribune, 4/23/2019

Oregon lawmakers allow clearing of old marijuana convictions, KTVZ, 6/4/2019

Oregon joins interstate agreement to ignore Electoral College, KTVZ, 6/5/2019

House votes to allow Oregonians to clear record of certain outdated marijuana convictions, Ontario Argus Observer, 6/5/2019

Advocates, lawmakers push affordable housing bills as Oregon Legislature nears end, The Statesman Journal, 6/12/2019

Oregon House Approves Paid Family Medical Leave, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 6/20/2019

Oregon House OKs Higher Earned Income Tax Credit, KTVZ, 6/24/2019

Advocates, legislators vent frustration at Capitol rally for carbon cap-and-trade bill, The Statesman Journal, 6/25/2019

Habitat for Humanity, Supporters Launch Cost of Home Affordability Campaign, The Skanner News, 6/27/2019

What Oregon's 11 Runaway Senators Tell Us About Leaders' Climate Obligations, Forbes, 6/28/2019

Partnership works to keep nurses safe, The East Oregonian, 7/16/2019

State, local stakeholders tackle Oregon housing crisis at conference, KATU, 8/19/2019

Editorial: Health Authority transparency changes not enough, The Bend Bulletin, 8/20/2019

Believe our stories and listen: Perspectives on first response on the streets, Street Roots, 9/19/2019

A Coalition to Save the World, The Nation, 10/2/2019

Foster system crisis consultants close to completing $1 million contract, Blue Mountain Eagle, 11/25/2019

Habitat for Humanity builds 15 homes in Cully neighborhood, Portland Tribune, 12/8/2019


Lawmakers Ready Bills On Prescription Drug Prices, Staffing Shortages, The Lund Report, 1/15/2020

Rep. Keny-Guyer Will Cap Legislative Career At Decade, The Lund Report, 1/18/2020

From guns to wildfires, legislators heading to Salem soon to push changes, Salem Reporter, 1/22/2020

Bereavement battle: A mother’s quest for change in the law, WAVY 10 Media, 1/23/2020

Oregon’s Dental Access Lags As Advocates Seek Solutions, The Lund Report, 1/30/2020

Legislators could tackle guns, wildfires and homelessness, The Daily Astorian, 1/31/2020

Lack of access to dental care causing oral health epidemic in Oregon, The Malheur Enterprise, 2/2/2020

State Lawmakers Seek Funding for Homeless And Foster Youth, The Lund Report, 2/3/2020

Once An Afterthought, Housing Now Dominates Oregon's Legislative Landscape, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/4/2020

Lawmakers craft plan to relieve Oregon dental care crisis, Portland Tribune, 2/5/2020

Emergency Declaration: Legislators Urge $120 Million For Shelters, Affordable Housing For Homeless, The Lund Report, 2/6/2020

Oregon’s world track championships subsidy hits wall of skepticism in the Legislature, The Oregonian, 2/7/2020

Proponents, opponents pack hearing room for Oregon gun safety bill, KPTV, 2/7/2020

Impassioned testimony highlights hearing on gun storage bill, The East Oregonian, 2/8/2020

Lock up that gun? In Oregon, gun owners, safety advocates wrestle issue, Portland Tribune, 2/10/2020

House Passes Bill To Protect Immigrants Seeking Health Care, The Lund Report, 2/14/2020

Oregon House seeks Nov. 2020 vote on making health care a ‘fundamental right’, KTVZ, 2/17/2020

Oregon’s young climate activists recount ‘powerful’ experience lobbying for cap-and-trade, The Oregonian, 2/19/2020

Oregon House OKs protections for Native Americans in foster care, KTVZ, 2/20/2020

Bill to remove barrier for immigrants seeking care moves out of committee, State of Reform, 2/20/2020

Tourism tax to benefit world track meet in Eugene greenlit by Oregon House, The Oregonian, 2/23/2020

Oregon legislative limbo lingers, threatening bills of both parties, KTVZ, 2/26/2020

Oregon modeling addiction treatment bill around Columbia Co. success, KATU, 2/27/2020

Oregon has first coronavirus case, Medford Mail Tribune, 2/28/2020

Oregon weighs tax break for tasting rooms and distillers, KMTR News, 2/28/2020

Legislators need to act now to curb illegal gun violence, Portland Tribune, 3/3/2020

Oregon Officials Devise Coronavirus Plan, Hoping To Avoid Fate Of Washington State, The Lund Report, 3/4/2020

Episode 2, Shelter (podcast), 3/17/2020

Gerald Ness Matthew Gabay (obituary), Columbia Gorge News, 3/20/2020

Oregon allows 'curbside' cannabis and spirits pickup as social-distancing move, Portland Business Journal, 3/23/2020

Addiction recovery center closes doors, goes digital during coronavirus outbreak, KATU, 3/30/2020

Oregon House OKs bill to end license suspensions for unpaid fees, fines, KTVZ, 6/25/2020

Editorial: Striking the right balance with alcohol home delivery, The Bend Bulletin, 7/22/2020

Oregon senators and representatives demand withdrawal of federal officers from Portland, KATU, 7/23/2020

Legislative panel gets down to business on police use of force, Portland Tribune, 7/25/2020

Influential Foster Youth Forum Calls For Sweeping Changes To Address Racism, Mental Health Issues, The Lund Report, 9/1/2020

Housing Oregon conference goes virtual and national, Ontario Argus Observer, 10/7/2020

Proposal to spend Oregon tax dollars on hotels spurs controversy, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 10/23/2020

Oregon lawmakers consider spending $65 million to convert motels, hotels into shelters, The Oregonian, 10/23/2020

Oregon Legislative Emergency Board Approves Cash for Hotel Purchases for Fire-Ravaged Counties, Willamette Week, 10/24/2020

Oregon Legislators to Revisit Mugshots, The Skanner, 11/5/2020

Oregon lawmakers approve money to repurpose hotels, motels as emergency shelters, KATU, 11/9/2020

Oregon lawmakers OK $128 million in emergency funds for COVID-19 relief efforts, KTVZ, 11/9/2020

Oregon’s budget picture holds steady, but coronavirus looms, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 11/18/2020

Oregon economic rebound tied to vaccine arrival, Medford Mail Tribune, 11/18/2020

Oregon tax revenues stable, defying state leaders’ fears, new forecast says, The Oregonian, 11/18/2020

Oregon’s budget picture holds steady, but coronavirus looms, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 11/18/2020

Today, save motels. Tomorrow, housing., Street Roots, 12/2/2020

Oregon lawmakers extend eviction moratorium; landlords sue, Street Roots, 12/30/2020