Although Alissa now lives in Santa Fe, NM, this website covers the period she represented House District 46 (SE/NE Portland) in the Oregon Legislature from 2011-2021.

A life-long progressive Democrat, Alissa also received the nominations from the Working Families Party, Independent Party of Oregon, and even the Republican party in general elections in Oregon’s fusion voting system. She ran unopposed in every primary and general election.

Alissa’s vision was (and continues to be) to create a vibrant, sustainable economy - utilizing natural resources responsibly and combatting climate change - to build economic and racial equity. She worked to invest in infrastructure, early childhood, public education, health care, and affordable housing, and to pass fair, stable, and adequate revenue reforms to meet these needs.

During her legislative tenure, Alissa served on the Oregon House Committees on Human Services & Housing (chair); Health Care (vice chair); Early Childhood & Family Support; Consumer Affairs & Government Efficiency (interim chair); Energy, Environment & Water; and Revenue; as well as on the Ways & Means Joint Subcommittee for Human Services.

As chair of Human Services & Housing from 2015-2020, Alissa championed many bills expanding affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness and for low-income tenants and homeowners. During COVID, she helped secure funding to pay back-rent and to purchase motels for shelter and long-term affordable housing.

After her last term ended in January, 2021, Alissa served as senior advisor to the director of the Oregon Department of Human Services until she and her husband moved to Santa Fe in July, 2021. She was appointed to the New Mexico Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board and the City of Santa Fe's Community Development Commission, and will continue working to close disparities in her new home state. She also serves as Vice President of the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

To find out more about Alissa’s past efforts in Oregon and current efforts in New Mexico, follow her Facebook page and Twitter account, check out her YouTube channel, and/or email her at